Management Beyond Growth

Since 2011 critical perspectives on the paradigm of economic growth are being discussed at the Academy of Management Annual Meetings in the form of professional development workshops, caucuses and symposia dedicated to Degrowth and Postgrowth. Degrowth, dating back to Serge Latouche and his “word grenade” of décroissance, is a political-economic concept for abandoning the fixation on economic growth as well as a battle cry for a contraction-based society – to think the unthinkable, a world beyond growth. Postgrowth is connected to Degrowth but is a broader term, entailing a multitude of concepts and approaches for what comes after the growth story. Among these approaches are the steady state economy, ecological economics, beyond GDP and many more. It is important to note that both Degrowth and Postgrowth are not just focused on ecological issues but on social and political renewal as well as a deep cultural change. Our intention as management scholars, researchers and practitioners is to bring this discourse to the table of the Academy of Management and the wider world of management.


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