Online Resources

  • Research & Degrowth (R&D) is an academic association dedicated to research, awareness raising, and events organization around the topic of degrowth.R&D defines degrowth as a multi-level voluntary path towards reduction of production and consumption aiming at ecological sustainability, good life, liberty, and social justice. For R&D, degrowth is grounded in ecology, ecological economics, anthropology, psychology, and social sciences in general. In the degrowth process, R&D is concerned with democracy, international cooperation, and understanding as opposed to societal closure, fragmentation and authoritarianism.
  • The German Degrowth web portal is both an information around degrowth and a repository for talks, videos and presentations of the Degrowth 2014 International Conference in Leipzig. Here, you find information around degrowth e.g. answers to the question “What is degrowth?”, news on current projects as well as information about the international Conferences on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity. The web portal is further home to the degrowth media library with audio, video and text materials, an international blog, as well as a calendar of events.
  • The Postgrowth Alliance is an initiative of the Post Growth Institute, we’re a megaphone for the voices of the post-growth movement. Members include the Commons Abundance Network, the Donella Meadows Institute, Extraenvironmentalist, the Global Ecovillage Network, the Great Transition Initiative, Ouishare, the Post Carbon Institute and many more.
  • Science blog by André Reichel dedicated to his research on sustainability & postgrowth. You can find his latest postgrowth-related blog articles as well as publications and talks on sustainability science, the discourse on postgrowth & degrowth, ecological economics, corporate responsibility, systems theory and organizational change within the next society.